Hey there, these ways are mostly used by #GSoC (Google Summer of Code) students while participating on different projects by list of organisations!

I have personally realised this,while working on a project on github :-)

The seven rules of a great Git commit message:-

Keep in mind: This has all been said before.

  1. Separate subject from body with a blank line
  2. Limit the subject line to 50 characters
  3. Capitalize the subject line
  4. Do not end the subject line with a period
  5. Use the imperative mood in the subject line
  6. Wrap the body at 72 characters
  7. Use the body to explain what and why vs. how

For example:

Summarize changes…

When I started competitive coding, a friend of mine asked me to use

using namespace std

before the main code. I started doing that, without actually understanding what it really does. Oh! I knew one thing though. If we do not use that line, we have to write std::cout, std::string etc. So, I followed the template and saved myself from the trouble of that extra writing.

But C++ is awesome, and so are namespaces. So, let us explore this wonderful feature which C++ offers us.

What are namespaces ?

Namespaces are declarative regions for logical groups. Now, I know this may sound complex! …

As we know that whenever a client sends a request to the server, the server responds with a status code with the response. While some of the status codes like 404, 200, 503 are so well known, there are some which are rarely used and seldom talked about.

One such family is the 1XX status codes, which are the informational status codes.

Before we dive into the specific codes, let us see what these 1XX codes are. As the name suggests, they are informational codes. Unlike the other status code families, they are sent before the actual regular response. …

Amritanshu Verma

Ex-DSC Lead,Blogger

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